Bait are Michelle Madsen and Lizzy Margereson.

We met performing in a feminist street dance project and bonded over a love of leotards and smashing the patriarchy. We developed Kill The Princess in front rooms, out of hours bars, squats and attics and are now supported by Arts Council England, Trestle Arts Base, Bathway Theatre Network and Cambridge Junction. We have performed work in progresses of the show at the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, at the above venues and at the Colchester Arts Centre.

We are passionate about connecting with communities and pushing theatre into unusual spaces. We have designed a workshop program to offer alongside the show in which participants can explore, through writing and movement, what the narratives of their own lives are- more information is available on request.

The people

Michelle is one of the best known spoken word artists in the UK. Her work has been broadcast on BBC1, Radio 4 and the World Service. She founded Hammer & Tongue London, the UK’s largest poetry slam network and has performed poetry in four continents. She has studied devised theatre, movement and integrated performance at Lispa in Berlin. In 2016/17 she was supported by the BAC, Nuffield Theatre and Apples & Snakes to develop of her first solo theatre work What Goes Up. Michelle now hosts Bears at a Picnic Naked and Laughing on Resonance FM and hosts the poetry stages at Glastonbury, Latitude and Port Eliot. She teaches creative writing at schools across the UK with First Story and lectures in investigative journalism at City University. Her work has been published by Burning Eye Books, Culture Matters,The Independent and The Guardian. She works as a dramaturg, journalist, writer and performer and is an associate director at award-winning company Theatre Temoin, working on shows Feed and Routes.

Liz is rising star on the UK’s storytelling and physical comedy circuits. Works with the charity The Flying Seagull Project; taking clowning to refugee camps and vulnerable communities internationally. Liz graduated from Lecoq in 2016 and is part of Paris-based Collectif 2222 which has toured their award winning debut show at Mimos (Perigeux), Eclat(s) La Rue (Caen) and at Grande Synth and Bagneux . She is a movement director and worked on the YAM award winning show ‘A Shoe Full of Stars’ by Opera Shmopera and for Gestalt Arts.