Bait make weird parties happen and like to play in all sorts of strange places.

Our next Office Party (for those without an office) is happening on October 19th from 9.30pm at VFD in Dalston.

We need to account for everything… all our mistakes, all our hubris, all the lies, the bullshit, the deals which were promised, the news we faked, the promises we broke, the expenses we fiddled, the taxes we didn’t pay, the stationery we stole, the computers we left on for months, the company cars we used, the annual leave we never took, the 0 hour contracts we implemented, the austerity we went along with, the plastic… all the bloody plastic, the disposable clothes, the disposable people, Tinder… the swiping, the not clearing up after ourselves, the pretending to recycle, the dead fish, the pollution, the birthdays we forgot and the ones we remembered….





Last time we did this….

The Office Party (for those without an office): The A.G.M

27 April, VFD, London

Dear Employees,

The AGM is approaching, please make sure you can attend.

In the past year we have over achieved, under achieved & made some god awful decisions…

After the success of our Office Christmas Party (for those without an office) You are invited to an AGM like no other.

We’re gonna thrash out any kinks from last year, sweep all the stationary off your desk and go at it like it’s a new financial year baby!

Bring your colleagues, partners & acquaintances.

Business in the front, party in the back.

With special office guests (TBA)

Make sure you pen it into your google cal and let’s party like we’re marching into the apocalypse.



Tickets available here