CRONIVISION, Berlin/London February 2021

‘It’s utterly mad, but so is everything else at the moment.’


Half the time, it’s as if two old biddies from a Monty Python sketch had decided to host a children’s party. For the other half, it’s avant-garde cinema: the parlour games are interrupted by striking short films, each as surreal as Dalí and Buñuel’s Un chien andalou. A nude body sprawls on a sofa, intercut with black-and-white footage of crawling worms. Legs bob in bathtubs, internal organs pulse and twitch, a voiceover recites what could be a recipe for a quarantini: “Loneliness, grenadine, whiskey, anger…”  


‘Every moment is unexpected, and it is a mistake to force what is happening into any preformed assumption about what theatre is’

The Morning Star

‘Bait Theatre are making their mark with a lockdown-busting, feel-good, weirdly intelligent and crazy collage of imagery’

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KILL THE PRINCESS, Edinburgh 2019

‘Exuberant with moments of brilliance’


‘Like a political extended kid’s game of let’s pretend, they dive into designer Finlay Forbes Gower’s dressing-up box. A gigantic parachute of a ball dress becomes the centre piece of the action, glamorous and playful but at the same time restrictive.’

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‘It will give you many answers, and raise twice as many questions.’


Their exploration made me question to what extent characters from childhood stories still inhabit my subconscious, subtly influencing my actions and ideas around gender.’

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‘You’re guaranteed to leave feeling happier in your own skin’


Kill the Princess triumphantly confronts the controlling yet vacuous circus of patriarchy. Instead of simply intimating, it actively tears up the rule book for male and female personae and celebrates the emerging personal space. Our two performers are in cahoots against a bigger, unseen enemy. ‘

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‘Have we entered the industry? I thought we were just gatecrashing it.’


‘What’s success? What’s growth? What does living happily ever after mean? In the face of what’s facing us politically and environmentally and technologically we need to question everything and be open to new stories.’

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‘Seriously challenges this but in the most ludicrously enjoyable way’ ****


‘Traditional tales, the stories we are told help to shape our understanding of our world. Yet often enough they portray people in limited ways which in turn can help to trap them in limited roles. Tales seriously challenges this but in the most ludicrously enjoyable way. With brilliant pace and timing, these physical performers caper and play with wit and charm. It was an absolute pleasure to spend an hour in their company.’

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‘Heroically unshaven, genuinely hilarious’

Brighton and Hove News

‘The two performers worked seamlessly together to great comic effect; I have seldom seen two faces quite so perfect for clowning,  Bait are one to watch.’

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‘There’s a big problem with fairy tales’

The Sunday Tribune

‘I felt the tragedy of life and growing up very strongly at the time and relived it during your production. What can comedy bring to reflecting on the illusion and experience of emerging womanhood?’

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